Dental Health Month

This month is Dental Health Month.  We will be talking with local elementary schools about taking care of their teeth and what to expect at the dentist's office.  It's a fun time to explain some basic dental procedures and show the children some of our tools!  During this special month we like to pay close attention to our patients' oral habits at home and provide advice on what could improve or change in their routine.

Always try to replace your toothbrush every 3 months... it may be time this month!  Keep floss handy and stock up on mouthwash (Listerine or Crest Pro-Health).  A daily rinse can really help by killing harmful bacteria.  You may want to try a Waterpik or Sonicare's Air Flosser to clean more thoroughly between your teeth.  A lot of cavities start between our teeth where we may be building up plaque around our old fillings or crowns.  Also try to gently brush your gums along with your teeth. 

Have a healthy mouth and a very happy month!

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